The new HAWK Self-Propelled Stump Grinder is the ideal stump grinder for rental stores, tree care companies, landscapers, nurseries, golf courses and more. The self-propelled unit goes where you need it to go and delivers outstanding performance. The HAWK is capable of grinding any stump diameter from a height of 24" down to 16" below grade.

The HAWK is proven to deliver durability, simplicity, low maintenance and high performance.

  • Standard 20-horsepower Kohler or Honda engine is furnished with a heavy-duty industrial cartridge-type air filter to help extend engine life
  • Eight adjustable and individually-replaceable cutting teeth optimize the stump grinder's performance while minimizing maintenance
  • Completely enclosed belt guard meets OSHA regulations and protects clutch torque tab
  • Positive mechanical adjustment for hydrostatic drive belt tension simplifies maintenance
  • Positive locking free-wheel position eases machine transport
  • Return spring on disc brake ensures non-stick release
  • Operator's/Owner's Manual is located in a weatherproof compartment on the handle bar ensuring that it’s with the unit for operator review any time
  • The angled frame and extended rear frame position the operator away from the work and extend engine life
  • A Dual Operator Presence Control Bar is active whether operator uses upper or lower handlebar
  • An Emergency Stop Switch is mounted on control panel
  • The Positive Locking Disc Brake keeps the HAWK in place while the stump grinder is operating
  • Apron around chip confinement area minimizes chip discharge

Click here for Hawk Self-Propelled Stump Grinder specifications.

Once you’ve seen the HAWK fly through a stump, we’re sure you’ll be convinced that it is the most outstanding stump grinder in its class.


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