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Received via e-mail (names have been changed to protect the innocent):


I finally got a chance to give the Hawk a good workout. I took it over to my Mother's house and ground up about 20 stumps in her back yard. The largest one was 42" across. That one took 47 mins. to grind it down to 12" below ground.

I have given your info to a friend in Atlanta. He may be calling or e-mailing you about the Hawk. I invited him up to see mine in use and he may do that next month.


And yet another (excerpted)

"The customers were very impressed with the Hawk... They told me how long it took other people to grind one stump, HOURS ! The Hawk does it in minutes. One customer only had one stump about 25" across. He asked how long it would take when I got there. I told him it would take longer to get the Hawk off the trailer than it would to grind the stump. About 15 minutes and half of that was chasing out the roots."

And there's more!

“The customers walk right past the other brands of stump grinders and want to rent the HAWK and if it is out they will wait for it to come back in. I had to sell my other machine -- it would not rent -- and buy my second HAWK. Our customers really like that machine.”
Metro Equipment Rental, Midland, TX

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